Synth on shaping his distinctive style.

The artist tells us about his creative journey in the Ravencoin blockchain, his exploration with 3D art, and the role of gaming in the future of the NFT space.

1. Brief introduction about yourself

I'm Synth, and I make a range of standard and interactive NFTs under the SYNTH token on the Ravencoin blockchain.

2. How did you become the artist that you are now? When did this journey begin for you?

I've been working in the Ravencoin space since early 2021 - it's been an enjoyable thing to be involved with so far. I started with fundamental ideas and have slowly progressed into more advanced interactive NFTs. As the Ravencoin scene has grown over time, I've also been inspired to build skills in 3D modeling and graphic design.

3. What's your motivation in creating your artwork?

On the interactive side, I want to push boundaries a little bit on RVN and create NFTs with various levels of functionality. The other side of this for me is collectibles - I love to collect things, and really, the ultimate extension of that is creating things for other people to collect, and when they do - it can be a very addictive and humbling experience. Synth owes a massive amount to the excellent Ravencoin community who have collected and promoted our work.

4. Where do you see the future of the NFT space?

Gaming will be significant, I think, much bigger than we are already seeing. Separately, because it has connotations far beyond gaming, I believe the metaverse will be huge in the coming months, and we've got some ideas on this for RVN ourselves! As more and more big corps embrace tokenization, we'll probably see NFTs with happy meals and stuff!

5. What advice would you give to aspiring artists entering the space?

My best advice is that you shouldn't be looking at other people's success - in the long run, that's going to affect you badly. Some excellent recommendations on software initially empowered me, and I did sit and watch many tutorials. Work out what you want to do, make sure it's unique to you (or you are going to get bored), from there, the tools are going to be available to do whatever you want, as long as you put in the time to learn! Someone on Twitter (I wish I could remember who) recently posted something along the lines of "Creating an NFT is a lot like mining, it's proof of work" - and for me, that's really the way to think about it, the NFTs you mint are evidence of your personal growth, and that's technically what people are collecting.

6. What's next for you?

Ah well, that would be telling! I've got some fascinating ideas for early next year, but they stay under wraps for now! I think next year will see some much more significant releases all around. In the meantime, I'm working on a reasonably large Synth World property (boat) and some of the background systems that will go into a later stage of that project. I want to keep building my 3D skills, so I'll keep designing monsters for the Synth Bestiary (currently on Ravenist) and the Synth Mon series through December.